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to find LatLong grid ref from this map, other than from a pin:
1) wheel zoom & left click/move, right click on chosen location
2) left click on "Directions from here"
3) a blank map opens in a new tab
4) upper left LatLong is displayed, the grid ref can be copied, the green dropper can be moved
5) if Stone Stiles you have seen are not on the map, we would like to know where they are.
6) if there is an image it can be sent as attachment from the contact form (above)
  Public Rights of Way maps -      Gloucestershire    &    South Gloucs
  LatLong to OSGR converter & back, plus targeted links to various map sites, including old maps
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 fastrack - copy from a stile & paste LatLong in box 
 Zoom  6 to 19
 Longitude -2.63 to -1.63    (West to East)
 Latitude 51.4098 to 51.9948
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  LatLong <> OSGR converter
"Zoom to GR" HELP - more help -  formats that it will accept X
SO 84 05 or  SO 848 055 (or without spaces)
SO 8483 0554 or SO 84839 05547 (ditto)
384839,205547 (no variations)
51.74841,-2.22101  or  51°44'54.28"N+2°13'15.63"W
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